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Father Jumanji, Jaygracias & Ritzy D

March 11 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm CST


JAYGRACIAS is a band that has eclectic appeal and southern roots. Consisting of four lifelong friends from Tennessee, they bring a soft, dreamy vibe with melodic harmonies and pretty guitar tones, yet they can easily build up to a heavy groove that hits hard with warm heartfelt solos and charming twang. Frontman, James Guidry, sings about life’s highs and lows in a hopeful, nostalgic tune.


Last of the wandering gentleman, Nashville’s Ritzy D sings songs from the heart about love, life and the road. Debut CD “Big Strong Love Songs” was produced by Jimmy Mansfield and Paul Rogers at Red Giraffe in Murfreesboro featuring Evan Penza, Dave Roe, Marlon Patton, Jim Hoke, Kristin Weber and Billy Junstineau.




In 1819, a priest known as Father J was wandering the banks of the Harpeth River when he stumbled upon a group of wayward travelers. They were on a quest to find the Golden Bangercrank, a long lost treasure of explorer Ponce De Umanji. According to legend, The Bangercrank was buried deep at the bottom of the river, and produced chart topping hits, infinite cold beer, and great fortune to those that possess it. Father J warned the travelers of the treasure they sought! The Bangercrank had been cast with a wicked curse many years before by Ponce De Umanji himself. With disregard of the priest’s warning, the travelers continued their search until they found the long lost treasure.

For 200 years they were trapped inside the Bangercrank, frozen in time, nestled at the bottom of a deep dark catfish hole. Until one day, a baptism in the river broke the curse of The Bangercrank. The river’s water suddenly turned into ice cold Coors Light, and the travelers were freed from their aquatic prison cells to enjoy the rest of their days topping charts and enjoying ice cold beers.




2-25 min sets (Jaygracias & Ritzy D)
1-40 min set (Father Jumanji)
With 15 min breaks in between


March 11
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm CST