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Venture Boi, Zoe Ny, Steph and the Web

May 16 @ 9:00 pm - 11:55 pm CDT

Steph and the Web is an indie/alt rock band — This four piece band consists of Stephanie Leary on lead vocals, Josh McPherson on guitar, Devin Gaboya on bass, and Andy Anderson on the drums. Steph writes the lyrics, The Web make the beats, and Andy leads the production. The members all add their unique touch to piece together songs that speak to many different people for whatever reason they may find, be it love, life struggles, growth, or an appreciation of a badass groove. Together, Steph and The Web blend the sounds of indie music, rock, and whatever other sound bugs that happen to be caught in The Web, a mixture of pure creative energy inspired by other creatives.


Zoe Ny’s songwriting is unmistakably Midwestern and unfailingly idealistic. Growing up in rural Michigan, her soul-driven melodies and vivid storytelling are blooming in a new generation of alternative and folk-rock music. Ny’s voice has unique clarity and incredible depth all at once, and has been compared to Susan Tedeschi and Grace Potter. Ny started writing music at age 14 on her mom’s upright Baldwin. Her late vocal coach, Jennifer Kincer, had Ny perform on street corners, and eventually at festivals and events all across Michigan. In early spring of 2021, Ny and Bryan Pope arranged and recorded a live performance, two side single with cello, piano, and guitar titled “River/Slip Away.” That October, Ny released her fourth single, “Witches in The Wind.” The song is ethereal and cinematic, with tight three-part harmonies and live strings.


Venture Boi is the moniker dream pop pioneer Matt Sanderlin wears for his musical endeavors. With careful intent, Sanderlin channels his influences – Beach House, Tears for Fears, Childish Gambino – into 80’s-tinged, velvety sonic explorations. Each Venture Boi track is a piece of a puzzle, a thread of a larger tapestry, building dreamy worlds and surreal vignettes – using shimmery guitars, groovy bass, iconic synth lines, and crunchy 808’s. Consistently heralded as an act to watch, Venture Boi has picked up accolades from regional publications (in addition to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame), and has played festival stages alongside contemporaries Make Sure and Pixellay. Sanderlin, a Nashville native, affectionately calls the project “Morrissey in space.” Sanderlin is currently working on the project’s first full album, due for late 2023.