We appreciate all the promo work you do for your show; Facebook Events with the 5 Spot as a co-host, all social media art, physical posters, etc.

Bring us 5 posters for the building.

Do not put posters on telephone poles or other public spaces. The 5 Spot will be fined for every poster with our name on it. Please only put them where approved by businesses or community billboards. Failure to comply with this will result in artist forfeiting some or all payment due from performance.  

We are a 21+ venue. This includes band members.

Multitrack Audio and Multi-Cam Video Recordings:

$250 per band. This includes all audio tracks and 4 Video files and the Program video broadcasted throughout the venue. The video is ready to be edited in DaVinci Resolve, you can download the software for free. You can also use any editing software. 

Live Streaming is an extra $100. This requires a 2nd sound/video engineer. 


  • Mixer – Allen & Heath SQ-6
  • Mains – QSC HPR152i
  • Subs – QSC HPR181i
  • 6 Monitor Mixes:
    – 3 Mixes in front (QSC K12s)
    – Side Fill Left 
    – Side Fill Right 
    – Drum Monitor (QSC K12)
  • 3 PTZ cameras and drum cam
  • Blackmagic ATEM Extreme video switcher and recorder
  • Chamsys MagicQ lighting system
  • Moving head lights and stage lighting

House Gear

  • Drumset – Welch Tuning System Maple Drums
    – 3 Cymbal Stands (No Cymbals!)
    – Hi Hat Stand (No Cymbals!)
    – Kick Pedal
    – There is a Snare Drum, but should only be used in case of emergencies.
    ** Bring a spare hi-hat clutch, sometimes ours walks out 
  • Bass Amp – Ampeg 4×10 with a GK 700 RB amp
  • Microphones – We have a bunch: sE Electronic package, V1 ribbons, SM58s, SM57s, E609s, 2 AT4050s, etc.

Early Shows

  • Load in at 4:30.
  • First act starts at 6:00.
  • Early Show time slot ends at 8:00.
  • $10 cover
  • $100 production fee.
  • Bands split 12 High Lifes and each member gets 1/2 priced meal

    ** Shows that start earlier or go later could have an increased production fee.

Late Show 9:00

  • Load in at 8:30
  • Show starts between 9:00 and 9:30
  • Shows Sun-Thurs end at midnight
  • Friday and Saturday end at 1:00am
  • $10 cover. $200 production- we have a set door guy and sound guy, you can NOT use your own.
  • Cover Charges can be more or less based on bands/promoters preference, $10 is default, but the $200 production stays.
  • Bands split the door however they all agree to be fair
  • Bands split 24 High Lifes and each band member gets 1/2 priced meal.

Touring Bands / Touring Booking Agents

If you want to play here, you need to contact local bands.
Have them set up the show, or have them all ready to join you before you contact us. There are many bands in Nashville and you will find them.
** 2 locals per touring act.